About Us


Guy and Charlotte Cote started their farm in 2015. In the beginning it was small and started with Turkey, chicken, goats and pigs. As fences went up and barns were built cows were soon added. The farm has been part of Charlotte's family since her grandparents started it in 1940’s. For many years there were no animals or barns left on the property. As time passed the farm was brought back to life and went from a hobby to a fulltime farm. Charlotte’s father “Papa” was a driving force behind the farm. His knowledge of farm equipment and animals was incredible. He was known to come home with a new animal often. His sense of adventure was fun. He would often start off by saying, “you know what we need to do”. He would be proud of this farm today. He brought home two Texas Longhorns with Guy back in 2016. He didn’t see the first Registered Texas Longhorn come home however his presence is still strong.

The goal of Cote Cattle Company is to raise healthy, well cared for animals. Some of the cows are for show, some are for the beef program. Charlotte and Guy feel that it’s important for consumers to know their beef supplier. More than just who they are but also their philosophy. At Cote Cattle Company the family chooses to put beef on their table and they feel good about knowing where it came from. The cattle alternate through five pastures. They aim for them to have fresh grass under their feet for as long as possible in New England.

Many of the cows at Cote Cattle Company will come up to the fence for a pat on the head or a scratch on the neck. Guy hopes to have several cows with 90 inches of horn or more over the next few years. 

Caring for the animals is a family affair. The Cote’s are a “party of Seven”. They also have a farm dog named Gracie and just next door is Baci (Charlotte’s mom). Baci enjoys the Texas Longhorn cattle and has traveled to Texas to see the horn showcase. During the summer months several small cattle head over to Guy's parents farm a couple miles away to feed on the grass fields.

In honor of Leon Chartier ( Papa) 

Our farm started as a rebuild of what my grandparents used to have. I was seven years old when the barn was struck by lightening in early November. Being that it was in November meant that the lofts were full of hay. In an instant the farm was mostly gone. Most of the animals, equipment and hay vanished in one day.

I have vague memories of the big barn and silo. What I do remember is dad always bringing animals home sporadically. A donkey, I was told to only feed with an open hand. I learned the hard way that they bite your fingers along with the carrot you are holding.
A pair of work horses, Duke and Dutches; they were beautiful and strong. A few goats and chickens here and there. In more recent years dad began to bring home a bit more with some help. My husband and I wanted a farm, We wanted to raise our own food as much as we could . We tried our own turkey one year and have continued to have own our Thanksgiving birds. The taste and appreciation for the animal are incredible when you do it yourself.

Eventually we brought cows home. At first, Angus and Hereford. While in Rhode Island my husband and father found a pair of Texas Longhorns for sale. It was the start of a whole new beginning. Our attention quickly went to Texas Longhorns. They are beautiful
majestic animals. They can be for both show and a food source. We were both sold when we had our first taste of the Texas Longhorn Beef. We are now proudly selling Registered Texas longhorn Beef. The flavor is incredible.
The nutritional value speaks for itself.

In December 2018 my dad and I found a registered Texas Longhorn Bull for sale in East Stroudsburg, PA. He was determined to get that bull here on the farm. Sadly dad didn’t get to see that happen. He passed peacefully on Christmas morning. About a week later a call came in from the owners of that bull. They said they had him and he was ours if we wanted him. As you can imagine I now wanted this Bull more than anything. This bull gave me a connection to my dad. We traveled to Pennsylvania and brought him home. Full of tears and pride as he came off the trailer and became part of our farm.

Our farm , Cote Cattle Company is in honor of our parents and grandparents that taught us the meaning of hard work and dedication.  When we think of them we think of hard working, honest, family loving people. We have heard from people who worked with my grandparents when this was their farm and the stories are great to hear. It captures my imagination when I hear about how they farmed and what they did in this town.

We are proud to bring you the freshest most flavorful beef for your table.

Thank you for choosing Cote Cattle Company .