Texas Longhorn Beef



Texas Longhorn Beef is known for its superior flavor and exceptional nutritional benefits. Once Guy and Charlotte tried Texas longhorn beef they decided to transition from raising Angus to raising Longhorns. Cote Cattle Company is currently the only Registered Texas Longhorn Beef producer in Massachusetts. Texas Longhorn Cattle are usually processed between 24-36 months of age. The Longhorn cattle take longer to grow. Texas Longhorn cattle are also known to graze on other greens in addition to grass. Charlotte and Guy believe that this contributes to their unique flavor.
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Sapowsky's farm stand in Granby, MA.,
On the menu at Grapevine Grille in Belchertown, MA.
On the menu at  Something Special located in Granby Ma. This is a great little gem of a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch with patio seating and locally sourced ingredients. 

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